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How Much Do Employee Absences Cost? And Other Questions From This Week

July 26, 2014 11:24 pm
week at work |

This week, while you were busy asking, “Where are all of these creepy dolls coming from?”…pondering a very different “The Shawshank Redemption” with Morgan Freeman on helium…or wondering how in the world you managed to get caught by the police…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

What does my office jargon say about me? Continue reading >>

How Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos Recruit Tech Talent

July 23, 2014 12:30 pm
facebook recruiting |

It’s no secret that Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos are among the most in-demand and desirable companies to work for. But like a supermodel who has trouble getting a date, even these companies don’t always have it easy when it comes to attracting top tech talent.

Zappos, for instance, struggles with selling candidates on moving to Las Vegas, where the cost of living is lower and compensation isn’t as competitive as it is in Silicon Valley. Continue reading >>

Wait, Don’t Let Your Best Employees Walk Out the Door — Try Stay Interviews

July 22, 2014 4:00 pm
Wait, Don't Let Your Best Employees Walk Out the Door — Try Stay Interviews |

Want to attempt a feat that even Robin Thicke, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom couldn’t pull off? Don’t let that special someone (in your organization) walk out the door and break your heart wallet. While Thicke tried — and failed miserably — to win back his wife Paula Patton, we’d suggest something other than groveling (and pathetic music): stay interviews. Continue reading >>

The Four Metrics Every Staffing Firm Should Track

July 21, 2014 5:33 pm
Source of candidates/hired |

Of the many reasons people go into the staffing and recruiting industry, tracking metrics is rarely one of them. Despite knowing the importance of tracking metrics, however, the vast majority of staffing firms do not put this belief into practice.

For example, according to CareerBuilder’s most recent Staffing & Recruiting Pulse Survey, a mere 14 percent of staffing firms track source of candidates and candidates hired. Continue reading >>

1 in 2 Workers Would Keep Working Even If They Won the Lottery

July 21, 2014 10:30 am
talent statistics |

As it turns out, not every worker dreams about winning the lottery and telling leadership where they can shove next month’s status reports. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 51 percent of workers say they would continue to work, even if they didn’t need the job financially.

When asked why they wouldn’t automatically ditch their jobs to hang out 24/7 at Oprah’s Maui beach house (or something to that effect), the vast majority of workers cited a fear of monotony, and nearly the same number like the sense of accomplishment working gives them. Continue reading >>

Employee Tenure Trends That May Surprise You

July 18, 2014 6:00 pm
Eye-Opening Truths About Employee Tenure That May Surprise You |

Are employees staying longer or leaving faster? You may *think* you know the answer, but let’s take a look at three decades of employee tenure data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shall we?

This post is based on information from the book “The Talent Equation,” co-written by CareerBuilder’s CEO Matt Ferguson. Find more interesting stats here.

Possibly contrary to what you *may* have thought, the average employee tenure has actually gone UP by one year over the past three decades. Continue reading >>

Recruiter Spotlight: Meet Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc.

July 18, 2014 2:00 pm
Recruiter Spotlight: Meet Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc. |

Welcome to Recruiter Spotlight, where each month CareerBuilder recognizes recruiters who set themselves apart by going above and beyond to advance the field. Meet our featured professional this month: Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc., a professional recruiting and staffing firm. His selfless attitude and always wanting to be a great team player has helped him build long-term relationships both within and outside the company. Continue reading >>

Should We Block Social Media at Work? And Other Questions from This Week

July 18, 2014 1:55 pm
week at work |

…and other questions that came up this week.

This week, while you were busy asking “WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE COMCAST?” over and over and over again…wondering where you could satisfy your craving for cappuccino and potato chipsat the same time…or placing bets on how the Archie comic character will die…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

(Click on the questions below to read the full articles.)

How does the average American work week compare to the rest of the world’s? Continue reading >>

8 Things Workers Wish They Could Say to Their Bosses

July 17, 2014 9:42 pm

Ever wonder what your employees would tell you if things like pink slips and general human decorum didn’t exist? Or what frustrations they’re venting to their spouses, their Facebook friends or their boxes of wine? Get a peek into your employees’ brains with the eight things workers wish they could say to their bosses (but never will).

“This meeting is a waste of my time.”

Too many meetings are like Katherine Heigl movies: When they’re over, you wish you had the last two hours of your life back. Continue reading >>

Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Ivy Barber

July 17, 2014 2:00 pm
Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Ivy Barber |

With our society’s always-on, go-go-go mentality, do you ever take the time to stop and think: “I keep running, but where am I going and where do I want to be?” As you go about your hectic routine of hiring and retaining the best talent for your organization, remember that it’s important for you to hit the pause button and reflect on your own career path. Continue reading >>