Restaurant Inspections

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When looking at scores, keep in mind that some violations are minor or technical, while others are critical to public health.

Also, note that some restaurants may be under new ownership or new management since the inspections were made.

Some restaurants are listed under corporate names. (for instance, a resort's restaurants might be listed under the name of the resort).

These databases, released by Pima County under the Arizona Public Records Law, have records of health and safety inspections of restaurants, supermarkets, school cafeteries and other food establishments.

Most were routinely inspected twice a year, but officials inspected some more frequently to check that food-code violations had been corrected.

To verify or update information in this database, you may review inspection reports at the Pima County Health Department's Consumer Health and Food Safety Division, 150 W. Congress St. For more information, call the division at 740-2760.